Lost Gold Hawaiian Ring at Nai'a Lagoon Ko Olina Resort...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call last weekend from Kalei who lives in Wilhelmina on Oahu. While enjoying their stay-cation at the Marriott Beach Resort at Ko Olina she and her daughter Keiki went into the lagoon to enjoy the cool water and rather abruptly Keiki’s Gold Hawaiian ring slipped off in chest deep water and disappeared into the sand. Kalei immediately took landmarks to where they were in the water and Keiki’s father went ashore to get some goggles to see if he could spot the ring on the floor of the lagoon. The sand was too soft and the ring hid itself out of view. I went the following day after work but the tide was so high I couldn’t get very deep and going as far as I could I didn’t find the ring. I called Kalei and told her I would go back on the weekend during a low tide and see if I could find the precious ring. Sure enough the low tide was all I needed in chest deep water much farther and West from where I imagined I got a great tone on the Equinox. It took a few scoops as the target was getting pushed around in the fine sand. Finally on the 3rd scoop I looked in and there was Keiki’s beautiful ring at the bottom of my scoop. I texted Kalei and she was ecstatic and so happy the ring was found. We met later in the day and in the pic you can see the joy. Aloha to Keiki and her Mom!