Lost Gold Wedding Band at Bellows Air Force Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began last Monday when I got a text from Tyler who is a US Navy Commander living in Aiea on Oahu and is stationed at SUBPAC. While enjoying the day with his lovely wife Kristin and daughter Violet, Tyler held Violet’s hand as they walked along the beach. As the waves were coming up the sand slope pretty far, he didn’t want them to knock Violet down. At some point Violet adjusted her hand and accidentally pulled Tyler’s Gold Wedding Band off and it fell into the sand. As Tyler reached down to pick up the ring a wave washed in and erased the ring from his view. It was gone! Tyler immediately took note of his location and marked it with a stick. When I called him back he sent me photos of the location and asked when I would be able to look. I had other ring hunts lined up so I told him possibly Friday. The beach is off limits to metal detecting but my company All Island Treasure Detectors helped the Air Force clear the recreation area of unexploded ordnance (UXO) several years back and I’ve been given the opportunity to hunt for lost wedding rings on a few occasions without any drama. Thursday night we arranged to meet the next morning at Bellows Beach around 9AM. Tyler and his family arrived and we parked within a few yards from where Tyler lost the ring. Tyler gridded out the area he felt the ring was lost in. It wasn’t very large but the surf was up and pounding the shoreline. I started dry and worked through the wet sand and finally into the water. It got to the point I couldn’t swing my detector anymore because of the waves. To that point I only found a Lincoln Shield Cent and a ring from a pull tab. I told Tyler I did what I could but wanted to extend out the grid search just in case. I could tell Tyler & Kristin were looking as if this wasn’t going to end happily. Then on the second extended leg of the grid search the Excalibur got a screaming low tone. This had to be the ring and sure enough after a quick rinse there in the scoop was Tyler’s Gold Wedding Band. He and Kristin were on the other side of the grid so I yelled over to them, “I got it!” They both ran over and sure enough it was Tyler’s ring. With great elation and relief Tyler & Kristin were both so very thankful. Tyler told me this was actually the second time his ring was found. I’m praying their won’t be a third time. Remember to extend those grid searches! Aloha to Tyler, Kristin and Violet!