Lost Gold & Diamond Band at Nai'a Lagoon Ko Olina Resort...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Janet from Montana who was celebrating her 25th Anniversary with her husband Luis at the Marriott Ko Olina. While snorkeling in Nai’a Lagoon, Luis spotted some Anuenue fish and in his excitement his stunning Gold & Diamond Band came off in about 10 feet of water. He had his wits about himself to immediately locate where he was in the water. He noticed he was about 10 feet from the swim buoy anchor however the water on the bottom was murky and he couldn’t see his ring. When they got ashore and spoke to the concierge she said to give “Joe” a call and he should be able to recover it for you. We met on the beach the next morning and Luis gave me the details to the ring coming off. When the sun was shining on the lagoon I commenced my scuba hunt. The buoy anchor is easy enough to find so I started the hunt. I immediately found a silver ring. Fanning out from the buoy anchor I found a few more targets but the area was silting up fast and it was difficult to navigate. After about 40 minutes I was getting ready to give up when several feet from the anchor I got a screaming low tone on the Excalibur. Sure enough one sweep of my hand and Luis’ Gold Ring appeared. It was quite a bit farther then expected from the anchor but at least it was now found. I still had plenty of air so I hunted the lagoon a bit more finding a silver band and a gold plated heart ring. When I got ashore I called Luis and Janet and told them the good news. We met on the beach for the return and after a few hugs I knew the Anniversary was saved. Aloha to Luis & Janet!

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  1. Luis and Janet says:

    Lu and his friend, Dick went snorkeling in the Nai’a lagoon in search of colorful fish and hopefully a turtle or two. The ocean water was a bit chilly and caused Lu’s ring finger to shrink a bit. When swimming up to get some air after having dove down to see some fish, he felt his ring come off in the water. He desperately tried to catch it before if headed down but was unable to retrieve it. Luis and Dick searched for the ring themselves for nearly 30 minutes before coming to shore to share the bad news.

    As the men disappointedly walked through the sandy beach and arrived where their wives were sitting, Luis held out his left hand with fingers bent showing Janet his ring finger. Not even noticing the ring was missing Janet asked if he had broken his finger. Lu indicated he had not, yet he had lost his ring in the lagoon. His sadness was evident and Dick’s sense of responsibility for the loss was unescapable. Janet’s first instinct was to grab Luis’ hand and pray.

    “Lord, you know where that ring is in the lagoon. Please keep it safe and secure. Send your angels to guard and protect it until it can be retrieved and returned. Help us, Father.”

    Dick mentioned that he had thought of reminding Luis to take his ring off before entering the water but for some reason did not do so. He felt so sorrowful. Dick then left for the concierge desk to see if there was anything that could be done. Janet called the Security team to advise them of the loss. Meanwhile, Janet felt a persistent sense of peace and had full faith that the ring would be returned.

    Dick returned from concierge with the wonderful news about Joe & Ring Finders. Janet called Joe and set up a time to meet the following day. She also contacted her prayer partners back home and asked them to join in prayer that the ring would be recovered. For the rest of the day, evening and through the night, Janet continued to feel the peace that passes understanding that can only come from the Lord. Her belief that the ring would be recovered not only didn’t waver, it became stronger.

    The following morning, we met Joe on the beach. Luis described the area where the ring dropped off his finger. Joe waited for the sun to get high enough over the lagoon to shine into the water before starting his search. In the meantime, we left the resort to run errands. As we waited to hear from Joe, we were grocery shopping in a local store. Luis felt a prick in his spirit. He mentioned he thought Joe had just found the ring. We quickly headed back to the resort.

    As we drove back, Janet received a text from Joe with a picture inquiring if this was, “the ring.” Miraculously and by the grace of God, the ring had been recovered. Wow! Thank you, Lord!

    We met Joe on the beach of the Nai’a lagoon. He returned the ring to Luis, sparkling brightly after receiving a salt water and sand blast cleaning. Joe shared a bit of how he searched for the ring and how far away it was from the original “drop” point. He mentioned he was just about to stop his search when his detector went off. Significantly, he said he didn’t know if we were Christians but told us he says a prayer each time before he starts an underwater search asking for the Lord to help and guide him. We smiled and told him we are Christians and that Lu received a sense in his spirit that the ring was recovered at the same time Joe had discovered it underwater. Wow! God is amazing and God is good!

    Words cannot express our gratitude to Joe for recovering Luis’ ring from the Nai’a Lagoon. It is beautiful to see the hand of God work through Joe, and that He honored the prayers of many of us pleading for the return of Luis’ ring. One of Janet’s prayer partners expressed it this way: Look at the extent to which God will go to restore what is lost.

    Mahalo and Aloha Joe!

    1. Joe Au-Franz says:

      Janet & Luis what a blessing to meet you folks and see how the hand of God played in this recovery. Praise Jesus!

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