Lost Gold Heirloom Ring at Aulani Resort Ko Olina...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began while I was returning from an iPhone hunt in the Aulani Lagoon. A tourist lady mentioned to me while I was returning to shore that a young girl had lost her heirloom ring in shallow water the day before right near the area I was in the water. I told her I would hunt for the ring after I got out of my scuba gear and would let Aulani Security know if I found it. I returned a short time later with my Equinox and started a grid search. When I was on about the third leg a young lady met me on the shoreline and asked if I could hunt for her ring. Her name was Anna and she was on vacation from Cleveland, Ohio celebrating her parents 25th Anniversary at the resort. I told her the encounter I had with the lady in the water and at that moment she appeared. That’s her there. We all had a good laugh then I resumed the search. On about the ninth leg I got a decent tone and in one scoop there was Anna’s stunning ring. I looked ashore and nodded to Anna that I found it and she was overcome with joy. She came out into the water and gave me a big hug and was so thankful. I found out later that the ring was passed down to her from her Grandfather and was very sentimental and the thought of losing it was tearing at her heart. Anna can now enjoy her Hawaiian vacation. Aloha to Anna!