Lost Gold Wedding Band at Pililaau Army Beach...FOUND!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Loni from Marysville Washington who said her husband Jake just lost his wedding band on the beach. I was visiting a friend and had my detecting gear with me so I told them I could meet them in about an hour. They were happy to wait and thankfully traffic was perfect going that direction. When I arrived at the Army Recreation Center Jake and his lovely wife Loni were just returning after getting a bite to eat. They walked me down to the beach and noticed some of the area they were in where the ring was lost was now occupied by beachgoers. Jake explained he had his ring on a towel and when he picked it up later he had forgotten about the ring and it disappeared somewhere in the dry sand. I told him I’d hunt the free areas first then if we needed to move people we’d ask politely. Well no luck there so two young ladies under a tent shade asked if they could move their stuff and we could search under the tent shade. After we moved some chairs and beach equipment I got a nice #10 signal on the Equinox and one scoop down there was Jake’s Wedding Band. It was deadcenter under the tent. With smiles on there faces and obvious appreciation I handed Jake his ring. Equinox comes through again. Aloha to Jake & Loni!

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