Lost Gold Heirloom Wedding Band at Kaneohe Marine Corps Base...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I received an early morning email on Thursday stating, “I lost my ring on KMCBH can you help?” I responded and Mike from Kailua Hawaii told me the previous day he was fishing on the beach and at some point his ring was lost. He wasn’t sure exactly where but wanted me to search the areas he was in while fishing. We agreed to meet on my lunch break and we met at Mike’s house. Special gate passes are required and Mike’s was still valid so he drove us to the beach. We did a short scan of the parking area then proceeded down to the beach. It was about a 100 yard walk down the beach to the fishing area and I detected along the way. When we got to the spot Mike drew a box around the entire area he was in. I decided to work the dry area first parallel to the waters edge. I just completed the first leg of the grid and in the line Mike drew in the sand I got a nice low tone on the Excalibur. One scoop down and there in my scoop was Mike’s heirloom ring. Mike was overcome with joy that the ring was found and so quickly. He wasn’t even sure it was on the beach. Mike was so releived that he wouldn’t have to tell his mother he had lost his Father’s ring. She was coming to Hawaii soon for Christmas. Awesome I was able to help Mike who is a retired Navy veteran like myself. Veterans we stick together. Aloha to Mike!

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  1. Mike J says:

    I am Mike. The lucky veteran who had a Christmas miracle come true!

    This will be a simple statement. I didn’t believe anyone would ever find my ring.

    He found it on a huge beach with crashing waves in about 5 minutes. And he doesn’t charge you anything!! Yup, nada. He accepts reward money.

    If you loose your metal valuables. Call him ASAP. He WILL find it.

    Thanks again sir!

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