Lost Gold & Diamonds Engagement & Wedding Rings at Hanauma Bay...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Logan who was on his Honeymoon in Hawaii. While relaxing at Hanauma Bay with his lovely wife Kristela he didn’t realize she had put her rings on a towel and when he shook it off they flew into the sand and disappeared. He assured me they were in dry sand because water hunting is currently not permitted. I told him I’d be there around noon during my lunch break. When I arrived I greeted each of the several checkpoints with a hello and that I was going down to the beach to hunt for a tourist’s Engagement & Wedding rings. Several folks recognized me and said good luck. Logan was waiting at the beach entrance with Kristela and they showed me where the incident had happened. A few tourists had moved into the area. I told Logan I would hunt in the open area first and if we had to expand the search we would politely ask people to move into the searched area. I was on about my 4th leg of the grid search when out of no where a Security Guard came over and asked me what I was doing. Very rudely I might add. She asked if I paid to enter and that I wasn’t allowed to detect the beach. Kristela immediately began crying. This Security guard was way over bearing and I wasn’t going to allow this to stand. I told her to call Kaipo the manager of the Bay and she said he was two managers ago. Everything she stated wasn’t accurate to my understanding so I asked her whose in charge and we need to talk. Logan engaged her and asked for the number. Long story short we were able to continue the hunt and I’d get the details later so as not to upset the myriad of workers at Hanauma Bay that each have a different view as to what is permitted and when. Unfortunately, this is all too often the case in Hawaii and if you stand your ground sanity usually shows up. As I restarted my 4th leg I approached a tourists towel in the sand when I got a nice solid #9 on the Equinox and was pretty sure this could be the target I wanted. On the second scoop I looked in and there glistening in the Hawaiian sun were two beautiful rings. Showing them to Kristela she burst into tears of joy and the tourists around us gave a round of applause. So ring finders don’t let those over zealous security folks stop you from doing good work. Keep moving up the chain until sanity wins. Aloha to Logan & Kristela!

2 Replies to “Lost Gold & Diamonds Engagement & Wedding Rings at Hanauma Bay…FOUND!!!”

  1. Steve says:

    Go going Joe and congrats for standing up to the badge intense security guard. Had to tell them to call HPD on a hunt a while back then they backed off. Most of those at the Bay are good people. BTW what’s my cut

  2. Griff says:

    Good work and recovery. Curious as to why the prohibition… has something changed recently. Is it by the hotel people or government? Don’t they know that you are providing a great service and the public/tourists would be devastated without it?!!!

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