Lost Gold & Diamonds Wedding Ring Set at Makapuu Beach Park...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a late evening call from Rhonda who told me she just lost her Wedding Ring Set at Makapuu Beach Park. While applying suntan lotions she removed her rings and placed them on her beach chair then forgot they were there. After returning to the beach and checking with the lifeguard she was sure they were gone forever. We decided to meet first light so not to allow another detectorist to find her rings in the dry sand. As we met the next morning in the beach park parking lot the place was packed with studio gear as they were about to shoot a scene for Hawaii FIVE 0. The crew was very nice and allowed us to get to the beach to hunt. It wasn’t 3 minutes after Rhonda showed me the spot where she had been relaxing in the chair that my Equinox had a nice Number 13 tone. It actually took four scoops to get to the target and there in my scoop was Rhonda’s lovely Wedding Set. Much relief and hugs all round. Later that day Rhonda sent me a pic of Steve & Danno walking on the beach. She stuck around to watch the filming. How cool is that? Aloha to Rhonda!