Lost Gold & Diamonds Ring at Four Seasons Ko Olina Resort Lagoon...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began on October 19th when I got a call from Klaus from British Columbia Canada who was on vacation and staying at the Four Seasons Hotel at the Ko Olina Resort. While taking a swim in the lagoon his Gold & Diamonds ring came off. We met the next morning on the beach and Klaus was fairly certain it was in chest deep water. After a thorough search I didn’t find the ring and we decided it would require scuba to hunt the deeper water. Because of jellyfish and surf I wasn’t able to scuba dive until Friday 2 November. I took the morning off from work as the conditions were ideal but it was going to get bad that evening. I started the dive hunt by laying my bright orange grid line in the sand parallel to shore in about 5 feet of water. I hunt down the line then move it seaward after each pass. This way I don’t miss any area if the water gets silted up. The area was sterile I believe I only found a dime then on the fourth leg in 8 feet of water the tone in my Excalibur was unmistakeable. I fanned the sand and there exposed a beautiful Gold & Diamonds ring. I texted a picture to Klaus when I got ashore and he confirmed that was the ring. In the picture above you can see the smile after the ring arrived in Canada with Klaus. Aloha to Klaus.

3 Replies to “Lost Gold & Diamonds Ring at Four Seasons Ko Olina Resort Lagoon…FOUND!!!”

  1. Ken Dewerson says:

    Good Job, You are a credit to The Ringfinders.
    I couldn’t find your name, you focused on the process not on yourself.

  2. Joe Kusina says:

    I lost a High school ring, swimming Royal Hawaiian hotel. Engraved 1955 Flushing high school while in the Army. I can be reached at jakusina@comcast.net. Now 81, looking for a miracle. Lost in 1957,58.

  3. Joe Kusina says:

    I lost a High school ring in 1957 swimming in front of the Royal Hawaiian hotel.It’s engraved Flushing high school, yr 1955. Now 81, looking for a miracle. Thanks.

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