Lost Platinum & Diamonds Engagement Ring at Ko Olina Lagoon 4...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began September 3rd when I got a text from Ruth who said she just lost her Platinum & Diamonds Engagement ring while snorkeling in Lagoon Four of Ko Olina Resort. I made my way to Ko Olina where I met Eric & Ruth (both from San Jose, California) to hunt for the ring. Ruth was sure she lost the ring in chest high water or deeper so that’s where I started my grid search. After over an hour with no luck I decided I better come back the next morning and try the deeper water on scuba. When I arrived the next morning the security guard had already picked up ten box jellyfish from the shoreline so I aborted the dive. It would be Friday before it would be jellyfish free. I started the dive and after an hour and a half under water with no luck I decided I’d try again Saturday AM. On Saturday I brought my friend Terry in case I needed some help. After another hour and a half dive and a complete search of the area I was definitely frustrated when the ring wasn’t found. I thought what if Ruth only discovered the ring missing when she was in the deeper water. I decided to do the shoreline out to chest deep water. BOOM it paid off! In no more then thigh deep water there was Ruth’s awesome ring in my scoop. My theory was correct and as you can see it brought smiles to Ruth & Eric in San Jose when they finally had the ring back on Ruth’s finger where it belonged. Aloha to Ruth & Eric.

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  1. Ruth says:


    Thank you again for finding the ring. Eric and I are very appreciative!

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