Lost Gold Claddagh Wedding Band in Naia Lagoon Ko Olina Resort...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from Ryan who was on vacation from Houston Texas. While playing in the water with his nephew at some point his Gold Claddagh Wedding Band came off. I told Ryan I could be there around 2PM and see if we could find his ring. When I arrived Ryan took me down to the lagoon and explained he was along about 50 yards of shoreline but no deeper then 2 feet. Not knowing what the tide was when he lost the ring I decided I better go out to about 3 feet or so in depth. I previously cleaned out this lagoon with my Equinox 800 so the hunting was sterile and I found nothing until about the 12th leg of the grid I got a decent tone and I was slightly surprised to see Ryan’s unque ring in my Xtreme scoop. I was at the deepest depth I was hunting on and just getting ready to turn around. Luck was with me! Ryan was relaxing in a lounge chair on the beach as I approached him and said, “I’m pretty certain this is your ring.” As you can see in the pic Ryan was very pleased to have his ring back. Vacation saved! Aloha to Ryan!

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  1. Theresa says:

    Lost wedding band on honeymoon in July 1989. Strong waves in front of Hilton Hawaiian Village took ring right off finger. It is gold and is a large ring. I believe that miracles do happen.

  2. Ryan M says:

    I am glad I was persistent in looking for ways to get my ring back as some of the hotel staff did not know that Joe was the person to call for this situation. After a brief google search and a single text the day after I lost the ring, Joe was quick to reply and happy to help. A tip for those looking at this website, if your hotel services do not know this outfit by name, tell them explicitly who is coming and it may ring a bell. Even if it does not, these guys know who to talk to to get on the beach quickly.

    Joe’s intuition on expanding the search beyond my recollection of where I thought I lost it shows that his experience is paramount in these waters. Wading in almost chest deep water, he found my Claddagh in about 45 minutes. I appreciate his diligence to push his grid to the limit as this ring is an original from Galway, Ireland.

    Mahalo, Joe.

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