Lost Celtic Design White & Yellow Gold Wedding Band at Aulani Resort...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call yesterday evening from Nick who was vacationing at the Aulani resort and hailed from Cedar Park, Texas. The surf was up at Aulani Resort and while playing with his children in the shore break his Celtic Design White & Yellow Gold Wedding Band came off. Nick wasn’t exactly sure when or where but had a strong feeling it was near the shoreline. I told Nick I’d come early the next morning at low tide so the surf would be minimal in the lagoon. When I arrived the gates to the parking lot were stuck closed and I wasn’t able to get in until 45 minutes later. It was hot and kids were already entering the water at 7:30 AM. I tried my best to do a grid search but was unsuccessful locating Nick’s ring. I called to let him know and he was still in his room so I asked him to come down to the beach and go over the hunt to see if he had any other ideas. We decided I should extend the grid to the South. Still no ring. Then I decided to go through the area at where many children were playing and I had to work around them. Boom! In thigh deep water I got a strong signal on the Equinox and in one scoop there was Nick’s stunning ring. I called Nick back and told him the good news and he rushed down to the beach so I could return his ring. Aloha to Nick.

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  1. Nick Turner says:

    Joe, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My wife and I’ve been married for 13 years and I’ve always taken pride in not losing my ring even though it has gotten looser as I’ve lost weight. I’ve been to multiple beaches and even swam with it at Waimea Valley and never had an issue. I was mortified when I realized that it slipped off in the waves and was almost immediately buried by some strong waves. I searched for about an hour with no luck. I was thrilled you would be out the next day but still had a restless night of sleep. I’d grown quite attached to the ring and feared I’d never see it again or would have to wait weeks. I really appreciate your determination to find it, you helped ensure my family’s first vacation to Hawaii remained a magical one for all.

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