Lost Heirloom Cuban Gold Necklace at Aulani Resort Ko Olina...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This necklace find began while I was detecting in the water at Aulani. I was approached by a gentleman named Juan who was on vacation with his daughter from Los Angeles, California. He asked if I was the detectorist for Ko Olina resort. I said, “Yes, did you lose something?” He said when he dove into the water the day before his Gold Cuban Necklace his Father had given to him went missing. He told the beach equipment rental team and they told him to get ahold of me but he figured the metal detector wouldn’t work in the water. He went and stood in the water where he thought the necklace came off and I said I’m working into that area now just be sure to leave your contact info at the lost and found so I can reach you if I find your necklace. Juan described the necklace as very heavy 18k Gold with 1/2 inch links. I continued my hunt for about ten more minutes when close to the shore break I got a loud but broken tone. I took a scoop and nothing came up but in the ankle deep water I saw a gold glow and reached in to pick it up. Up came a very hefty necklace that was still clasped in a loop. Wow I thought, he wasn’t kidding this necklace is heavy. I put it into my secure pocket and proceeded to lost & found. I called Juan’s contact number but it was his home in California. The land lady said Juan was on vacation in Hawaii and wanted to know if there was anything she could do. I said not now but would call again if needed. I let the lost and found know I had Juan’s necklace in my possession and was trying to track him down. I arrived home and a short time later Juan returned my call and we made plans to get him back his necklace that evening. He invited me to dinner at the resort and from the pic you can see his elation after getting his necklace back. We had a great dinner and I’m sure I made a new friend in California. Aloha to Juan & his lovely daughter!