Lost Gold Hawaiian Heirloom Bracelet at Aulani Disney Resort...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Bracelet find begn this morning at 5:45 AM while eating my breakfast when the phone rang. I thought for sure it was going to be one of the recent prank calls that have been plaguing the island. But on the other end was Elizabeth from Makakilo on Oahu who was calling on her granddaughter Lexcy’s behalf. The previous day while doing back flips off a paddleboard in the lagoon the heirloom gold Hawaiian bracelet Elizabeth had given to her came off in 4 feet of water and disappeared. The high surf on the west side was making the water in the lagoon so turbulent and murky you couldn’t see the bottom even in shallow water. After a few futile attempts snorkeling to find the bracelet they contacted a relative that works at the resort and she put them in contact with Aloha Security who gave them my number for recovery. My fear was that at low tide the water would clear up enough for someone to spot the bracelet and then not return it. I decided to go that afternoon. Lexcy sent me a description and a few pictures of the location. 10 feet on either side of the rope line and 30 feet out. When I arrived the tide was high and the water was rolling way up onto the beach and I was getting pushed about pretty well. I did the entire area with only finding a single cent. I stood on the shore and watched the water roll in and noticed it was pushing hard to the right. I decided to try woking 30 feet to the right then through the original grid. When I got out to neck deep water I got a gnarly sound in the Excal and it really sounded strange. There were a few sweeps of the coil that were solid then the gnarly sound would return. I started scooping in the sightless water. Missed the target. Missed again and again and again. This was getting frustrating. Finally after about the 20th try I put my foot in front and pushed the target into my scoop. Up it came and as the scoop broke the surface of the water there was a gorgeous Gold Hawaiian Bracelet inside. Whoa! No wonder, the bracelet was nearly the circumference of my scoop. I immediately went ashore cleaned up then called Elizabeth. I asked her if the word “KUULEI” mean’t anything to her? You found it? That was her name in Hawaiian. I could hear her sobbing and it was joyful. We decided to meet at a nearby McDonald’s parking lot where I was able to give the bracelet back to Lexcy. There were a few hugs all around and many praises of thanks. These are the moments we enjoy the most about this wonderful hobby. Aloha to Lexcy & Grandma Elizabeth!