Lost Gold & Diamonds Keepsake Ring at Ala Moana Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I came home to a voicemail from Elizabeth who resides on Oahu. While spending the day with her family at Ala Moana Beach her Keepsake ring fell off in waist deep water. The water was very murky and after hours searching the family gave up. A quick search on Google and Elizabeth found me and left a voicemail as I was out detecting. I called immediately upon returning home. Elizabeth had already left the beach and had returned home heart broken that the ring was gone. I found out the lifeguard at the shack was also informed. Unfortunately that’s not the best option and should be avoided. It’s not their job to help you in that situation, lets just leave it at that. I told Elizabeth I would grab a bite to eat and head down to Ala Moana soonest. It was getting dark so parking should be a snap. As I arrived parking near the exact spot was available and I called Elizabeth for some fine tuning on the hunt. There was a fisherman in the exact starting point so I explained to him what I was doing and would keep an eye out on his fishing line. As I entered the water in ankle deep water I got a nice low tone but choppy. I scooped once and the target shifted to the left. Second try I looked in the scoop and there was Elizabeth’s keepsake ring glistening in the bottom. Wow I thought what luck. And I was expecting to get wet to my waist at least. I immediately called Elizabeth and told her she was blessed and the ring was found. We made arrangements for her to pick up the ring from my home the next day and as you can see it’s another smile for the book. Aloha to Elizabeth!

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