Lost Platinum & Gold with Diamonds Engagement & Wedding Rings at Waikiki Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from Ring Finder Steve Wheeler who takes care of the Eastern Beaches of Oahu. He got a call from Melissa from Anchorage Alaska who was spending a day at Waikikik Beach when her two rings went missing. I called Melissa immediately and decided since the rings were in dry sand I’d better get to Waikiki ASAP so not tolet one of the many metal detectorists that comb the beach find Melissa’s ring. After leaving work and grabbing my gear at home I was at the beach in 40 minutes. Melissa was waiting for me at the Duke Kahanamoku Statue. She told me she was applying suntan lotion on her daughter and placed her rings on a matt. They decided to move so her husband picked up the matt and stuff and they moved to another spot on the beach. Melissa then realized she had placed the rings on the matt and now they were gone. I told Melissa I wanted to start at the spot they started at and move from there. The area was now occupied by other beach goers. After detecting the only vacant area we asked a young couple if they could stand up and allow me to detect the area. They were gracious and stood up and I did a quick search but no luck. I asked Melissa if the family packing on the beach was also in the area they were and she said, “Yes!”. Fortunately they packed and left the beach. I moved to that location and got a wonderful tone and one deep scoop down there was Melissa’s stunning Engagement ring. But she told me she was looking for a wedding band. I asked her to describe the ring I held cupped in my hand and she described it exactly. Here you go that’s it. She then said I had to find the other ring…this one being the Wedding Band. I scanned the hole again and sure enough there was another target and one more scoop and now both rings were recovered. Although Melissa had insurance on the rings and she told me she had lost them once before so they were destined to come back to her. We had a chuckle and a hug and another satisfied customer walked off into the sun and surf. Aloha to Melissa.

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  1. Melissa says:

    True story! Joe was amazing. He saved our vacation when he showed up to look for my rings, it was only a matter of minutes. He called me and was at the beach quickly and knew exactly what he was doing! He’s the best, Thanks again Joe!

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