Lost Platinum & Diamonds Wedding Ring at Ulua Lagoon Ko Olina...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a 1230AM call from Ata who works for Aloha Security at Ko Olina Resort. He came upon a Japanese couple on the beach in the dark trying to find a Platinum & Diamonds Wedding Ring that had fallen into the sand earlier in the day. They were searching desperately as they were leaving for Tokyo Japan in the morning. After hearing their plight Ata decided if this ring was going to be recovered he had to get ahold of me. Thankfully my wife Wendy was up doing crafts while I was asleep. She knew I wouldn’t want Jun & Mina to leave the island without their ring so she woke me up. Ata asked if I could be there early in the morning and I said “No, I’ll come now since I’m awake.” I told Ata to meet on the beach in a little less than an hour. Traffic was nonexistant at 1AM so I got there in 35 minutes. Ata went and got Mina and Jun from their room so they could show me whereabouts the ring was lost. Mina knew she removed the ring to apply suntan lotion as she watched a young child building a sand castle. The castle was still there in the ambient light of the hotel so we moved some beach chairs out of the way and I began my search. Immediately I found 2 Lincoln cents and 2 State quarters. Minor coin spill. Then on the second leg of the grid I got that Platinum tone all the Excalibur guys will know and since diamonds were involved I took a gentle scoop but nothing. I took another scoop and there was Mina’s Wedding Ring. Jun & Mina were in shock and really thought the recovery was hopeless. We took some pictures and had a few hugs then Jun said, “Mina and I can now sleep peacefully on our last night in Paradise. Thank you so much.” Suddenly the hotel sprinkler system went off and we all got a christening. That was a laugh for all of us. Aloha to Mina & Jun!

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  1. Jim Wren says:

    Another great recovery Joe!!!

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