Lost Gold Wedding Band at Waikiki Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Matthew who was on vacation in Waikiki from Australia with his wife Tania and son Jace. While rough housing with his son Jace in the shallow water at Waikiki he noticed his wedding band was gone. He tried briefly to snorkel for it but no luck. I was at home so I went down to Waikiki as Matthew was waiting for me at the zoo parking lot. I figured waist deep water this was going to be a cinch. Matthew showed me the area he was in and it was 30 feet from the Kapahulu wall and no more then 1/2 way out to the surf break wall. I searched until dark and we only found some change, 3 elongated cents and trash. Matthew decided I covered the entire area and we called it lost and not found. I told Matthew I’d ask my buddy Mike if he could check the area the next day. We didn’t think it would pay off but Miracle Mike has worked wonders before. Thankfully the water is getting cold and keeping out the fair weather detectorists. Well Miracle Mike did it again. Extending the search grid out towards the surf break wall at 3/4 the way out Mike came across Matthew’s ring in waist deep water. We figured when Matthew was rough housing with his son Jace he must have tossed the ring off without knowing hence it was much farther out then he expected. Mike brought the ring to my house so I could get it back to Matthew which I did as you can see in the photo. Another vacation ends on a happy note. Aloha to Matthew, Tania & Jace. Also a Big Mahalo to Mike for coming through yet again.