Lost Gold Necklace Pendant at Hilton Hawaiian Village...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This metal detecting find began when I received a call from Nigel who was visiting Hawaii from Vancouver, Canada. While his lovely wife Nelo was removing their daughter Nya’s shirt to put suntan lotion on the shirt snagged her gold necklace pendant and it popped off into the sand. They looked at the sand and it was gone. Nigel googled and found my metal detecting services on theringfinders page. I was at work but agreed to leave a little early to get into Waikiki before rush hour traffic. When I arrived Nigel met me at the shrimp truck near the parking lot and we walked down to the area on the beach that his darling daughter Nya lost her necklace charm. Nelo described to me what happened and showed me the area she believed the pendant came off. It was only a 10 by 10 foot square so I fired up the Excalibur and started my search. 10 seconds into the search I got a nice low gold tone and one scoop down there was Nya’s charm in the scoop. It was just big enough not to fall through the grate. Nelo was absolutely amazed that it was found so quickly. Nya was eating some cheesy snack which you can see on her hand in the picture and was excited to get her charm back. Vacation back on track. Aloha to our friends from up North Nigel, Nelo & Nya.