Lost Platinum & Diamonds Wedding Ring at Ala Moana Beach Park...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began this morning when I had an email from Patrick who lives in Chicago. A little after midnight he sent an email request for ring finder services at Ala Moana Beach Park near Waikiki. While playing catch with a football in waist deep water and while Patrick was making a catch the football hit the ring and it popped off his finger. He wasn’t quite sure which direction it went and his unfamiliarity with the beach he felt somewhat hopeless in finding the ring. I responded to the email and told Patrick to call me ASAP as that beach is constantly being detected. Losing it at 2:30 the previous day is an eternity of time for that beach. Moments later I got the call. We agreed to meet in 30 minutes at Life Guard Tower 1E which was near where the ring came off. As I arrived Patrick showed me the extreme ends of the grid and waist deep water is alot to cover. I figured it was near high tide the day before when he lost it so the ring should be shallow. I started my grid search and Patrick was my seaward marker thankfully as there ain’t no objects to line up on there. After a few grid lines I only found a few pieces of foil. I was beginning to think this ring was found already. After about 45 minutes Patrick was shivering and looking as if this was going to be a hopeless cause. Then suddenly in thigh deep water BOOM! My detector screamed in my ear. I knew instantaneously it was going to be his ring. Patrick wasn’t looking my direction and I did a quick scoop and there in the basket was an awesome platinum and diamonds encrusted ring. I started walking towards Patrick and probably from the look on my face he said, “You found it?” “I think so”, I said. Does it have several diamonds? “Yes all around the ring,” he said. “Oh then this must be it”, as I handed him the ring. The look of total elation and relief came over Patrick’s face. He was so thankful and told me he didn’t think we were going to find it. What a Great way to end 2017. Aloha to Patrick. On a side note he didn’t have to tell his wife he lost the ring. Whew!


3 Replies to “Lost Platinum & Diamonds Wedding Ring at Ala Moana Beach Park…FOUND!!!”

  1. Patrick says:

    One word “HONEST”
    I was worried about telling a stranger the location of my list ring- cause you know, you never know. But as soon as I laid eyes on him, I knew he was an honest person – he was super nice, like if he were a family member helping you , took his time- not pushy, attitude free – an overall cool nice person. I am so glad I found his name and website – if you ever lose something – you can trust this guy! 500% – and congratulations Joe! And thank you again – happy new year !

    1. Patrick says:

      And please – reward the guy nicely – they just found something special for you- be thankful! He just found something you thought lost. Not the time to be Cheap! Good luck everybody!!!

  2. Jim Wren says:

    Another great recovery and story Joe!! WTG!!

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