Lost Platinum Wedding Band at Nimitz Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began Saturday evening when I got a call from Lars who lives in Kailua. While fishing with friends at Nimitz beach his Platinum wedding band fell off into the dry sand. He saw where it entered the dry sand and bent down to retrieve his ring. Wait! What? It wasn’t there and he spent another hour sifting the sand for his ring. It got dark and he abandoned his search. Frustrated to see the ring fall into the sand and not find it Lars wasn’t going to give up that easily. His friends recommended a metal detectorist or even to rent one. Then a google search led him to “the ring finders”. I got the call and agreed to meet Lars at the beach first light the next morning. When we arrived Lars took me to the circle on the beach he made with sticks and said the ring is somewhere in there. The area was only about 15 feet in diameter so I started a search. Guess what? No ring and no targets. I expanded the grid search and about five feet outside the circle I got a nice tone. One scoop down and there was Lars’ incredibly designed Platinum wedding band. He was amazed how far off he was in his search. Another thrilled customer! Aloha to Lars.