Lost Platinum Wedding Band at Kahala Beach West...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Steve who lives near Diamond Head on Oahu. While his son was throwing a football back to his wife on the shoreline at the beach his platinum wedding band flew off into the water. They searched with goggles for awhile but the incoming surf was too much and buried the ring. This beach is very small and Steve knew the approximate location and the details of the loss. I told him we could meet after work and hunt for his son’s ring. When we arrived Steve demonstrated what had happened and I started my search. It was only about waist deep water at the deep end but the bottom was littered with rocks that kept interfering with my detector’s sweep. I covered the area thoroughly but didn’t find the ring. Steve got a call from his wife and had to leave. There was another ring lost in this area so I decided to continue my grid search. I was seconds into the search when I got a nice tone and there was a platinum ring in my scoop that looked just like the pics Steve had shown me. Luckily he hadn’t gotten all the way down the path and I shouted his name. He turned around and I yelled I think I found your son’s ring. He came back and verified it was the one. Then he said “Joe your the real deal” Thank you very much! He was going to surprise his son and the wife I’m sure it will be a joyous surprise. Aloha to Steve!