Lost Gold Rosary Ring at Waimanalo Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began this morning at work when I got a text from Vanessa who hails from Trinidad and now lives in Honolulu. Vanessa wanted to know what I charge for finding rings as she found me on the internet. During my coffee break I told her it was reward based and it would be up to her. Since this was a dry sand hunt I told her it should be fairly simple. What happened was she was enjoying the day at the beach with her children when her daughter Adelle asked her to watch her ring. Vanessa put it in the chair pocket with her keys. After the days outing they went back to their car and Vanessa realized she had taken out her keys but the ring was no where to be found. They went back to the area but didn’t find it. I told Vanessa we could meet after I got off work and go down to the beach to find Adelle’s ring. This ring was extra special as Vanessa’s father made it for her daughter which was an identical ring her grandmother had. We drew a grid and I began the search. First leg was a dime and just as I started the second leg I got a nice low tone and there in the scoop was this fascinating hand made rosary ring. Vanessa admitted she had little hope I would find it so it was obvious she was overcome with joy. Many thank yous and a hug showed her gracious appreciation. She now has a new found faith in metal detecting and said she couldn’t wait to leave a comment. Aloha to Vanessa & Adelle!