Lost Gold Hawaiian Style Wedding Band at Ala Moana Beach Park...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from Nichole who lives in Hawaii Kai on Oahu. While she was enjoying a day at Ala Moana Beach park with her husband Keli’i and their two young sons; Keli’i asked her to hold his ring while he went in the water. She was going to secure it in her purse but got distracted and put the ring on her thumb while playing with their youngest son. At some point the ring came off and she wasn’t positive whether it was in the sand or the water. I started my grid search in the dry sand working towards the water line. A few coins, an aluminum toe ring and two pull tabs later I was at the waters edge. I told Nichole to take me to the extreme left edge of the grid and I would work towards the right. Nichole acted as my shore marker and Keli’i stood at my last dry sand mark. I worked out to waist deep water and back to the shoreline. A few more coins kept me encouraged that no other detectorist had been in the area for awhile…we had a chance. Then as Nichole and Keli’i were about to meet on the shoreline I got a great tone in between them. One scoop down and there was Keli’i’s ring. No doubt with the engraved Hawaiian style. I could tell Nichole was holding back tears. That’s OK joyous tears they would be. Aloha to Nichole & Keli’i!

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  1. Nicky says:

    We can’t thank you enough, for helping us find my husband’s ring!!! We never knew this kind of service existed and we’re very grateful for your time and effort that you put in to helping us and so many others.

    God bless and mahalo,
    Keli’i & Nicky

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