Lost Platinum & Diamonds Engagement & Wedding Rings at Paradise Cove...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began on 11 July when I got a call from John who was visited Hawaii with his family and they reside in Katy Texas. While attending the Paradise Cove Luau the previous weekend John & Doty went into the lagoon to observe the Native Hawaiian Fish Net Casting event. While standing in waist deep water the waterproof pouch John was wearing broke open and all their precious items fell into the lagoon. John & Doty were able to find the cellphone and John’s Wedding Band but Doty’s Platinum Engagement and Wedding Band disappeared. After returning to Texas John located me through Aloha Security. We went on Google Maps and I asked John to split the lagoon in half and tell me which half to search in. The lagoon is small so I knew I could finish a half in about 45 minutes to an hour. After my search I found a large silver ring and some change but neither of Doty’s rings. I returned to my vehicle and gave John the news. Then John apologized and said he made a mistake and it would have been in the Southern half. He noticed the public entrance path and realized they were straight in from that point. Well after seeing Doty’s Engagement ring on her daughter’s toe I knew I couldn’t give up so I went in and did the Southern half. This half of the lagoon is very shallow and the water from the Northern half surges in and exits out the Southern side. As tiny as the rings were and the surface area exposed I figured the surge could put those rings anywhere in the Southern half. My hunch was right at the farthest out point along the rocky area. Shortly into the hunt I got a nice Platinum Tone and one scoop down there was the Engagement ring in my scoop. A few feet away I got another nice tone and there was the Wedding band. A local couple along the shore could tell I was pleased and asked, “What did you find?” I showed them the two rings and they were in awe. The gentleman offered me an ice cold Heineken which I couldn’t turn down as my throat was parched. We talked story for awhile then I needed to tell John & Doty the great news. After hearing Doty crying in the background that was all I needed. John asked if I would send the rings Express Mail and Insured which as you can see they have arrived safely back in Katy Texas. The entire family gave me a “SHAKA”. Aloha to Doty, John and the Kids!

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