Lost Gold & Diamonds Wedding Ring at Waimanalo Beach Park...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call on my way home from work from Eric who resides in Hawaii Kai. While enjoying a day at the beach with family his lovely wife Aida put her wedding & engagement rings in a towel for safe keeping. Unbeknownst to her sister she picked up the towel and the rings got flung into the sand and disappeared. After an exhausting search they were able to find the engagement but not the wedding ring. I met Eric in the parking lot and we walked down to the beach where the rings were lost. I could see numerous raking marks so the ring could be anywhere by now. I always tell folks to leave the sand alone and wait for the ring finder to arrive. Most don’t listen. After making my grid I started my search. Thankfully the beach sand was nicely clean and I only found to cents before I got a growling low tone. As I scooped into the sand I saw the twinkle of a diamond. I pulled my scoop away and there exposed halfway out of the sand was Aida’s wedding ring. I reached down and pulled the ring out of the sand and handed it to Eric. A sigh of relief came over him and his sister-in-law. Time to enjoy the rest of their vacation. Aida arrived from taking her baby home for some comfort after being at the beach so long and she was so grateful for the recovery. The pic says it all. Aloha to Aida & Eric!

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