Lost Silver Wedding Band at Four Seasons Resort Ko Olina...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I was approached by Jordan who resides in Honolulu. He saw that I was detecting and I noticed he was sifting. Jordan actually had a sifter and was scooping up the sand in various places in hopes of finding his ring. The day before after going on a hike with his wife Erika they decided to cool off by jumping into the Four Seasons’ lagoon. The King tides were coming in full force and almost immediately Jordan’s Silver Wedding Band came off. He looked for a few moments but it was so silty he couldn’t see the bottom. He remembered the area and I had him stand in the water as a marker. It was low tide now and not so bad. I searched the area thoroughly but no ring was found. Jordan was in chest deep water and we searched to waist depth. Jordan had to go to church so I told him I’d try a shallow to deep search and see if I missed a spot. Jordan told me the ring had a Koa Wood design and was engraved MARK 10:8. After he left I started my search again. On about the fifth leg in ankle deep water on the shoreline I got a great tone and there was Jordan’s ring in the scoop after three scoops. The King tide turned out to be just that; it moved his ring from chest deep water to ankle depth. The distance was a good 30-40 feet. That’s quite a distance for over night. I’ve never had a ring move that much ever! Jordan happened to be on my side of the island when I called to give him the good news. So we met at the Kahala Mall for the return. I met his lovely wife Erika and they both were so gracious and thankful. Aloha to Jordan & Erika!