Lost Platinum & Diamonds Wedding Rings at Kalama Beach Kailua...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)


This ring find began when I got a call from Detlev who lives in Kailua. While his wife Dayna was enjoying some time at the beach earlier that day with some school children she took off her wedding rings and placed them in her towel. A short time later she grabbed her towel and in that moment the rings got flung into the powdery beach sand and disappeared. They searched frantically for several minutes but neither ring was found. A Google search found “The ring finders” and that’s when I received the call. Detlev said he could meet me at the beach park around 3:15PM and we could go down to he beach from there. A rain storm blew through the area so hopefully that kept the typical sand detectorists home for the day. As we arrived in the area the rings were lost you could see numerous hand raking marks in the sand. Only if it was that easy. Detlev pull out the diagram he and Dayna drew to show me where the rings were lost. I started a grid search while Detlev sat on a bench nearby. On my return leg I got a nice platinum tone and two scoops down was Dayna’s ring with the solitaire diamond. Now to find the Wedding band. I continued on but only found 3 cents. I asked Detlev if the other ring was supposed to be near where we found the other ring and he said, “No the diagram has it out front of this bench a ways.” As I continued on the grid search Detlev yelled out, “Joe the ring is right here” Detlev happened to glance down and it was exposed in the sand. We must have done that when we walked over to the bench. In any case both rings are now back on Dayna’s finger. Aloha to Detlev & Dayna!

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  1. Joe Au-Franz says:

    Check out the video AITD KHON in this post. I was interviewed by the local FOX Station concerning a lost ring found on Maui that has over 300 thousand hits on social media. Lets find the owner! Aloha & Mahalo, Joe

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