Lost Gold Wedding Band at Kahala Hotel Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a 8PM call from David who was on his honeymoon in Hawaii with his lovely wife Lindsay and they both are from my home state of Pennsylvania. They had eloped that same day. So the ring wasn’t even on his finger 24 hours. He explained, while enjoying a day at the hotel beach David went for a swim. He barely got wet when his White Gold Wedding Band came off in chest deep water. He immediately called Lindsay who was tanning in a lounge chair to come help him find it. They got some swim goggles and tried desperately to find the ring but that wasn’t to be. I told David I wanted to take a shot tonight and that I was just on the hill above the hotel. We went down to the beach and entered the water. David took me to the spot he thought he was at and I started a grid search. Fairly sterile area with only some metal scrap pieces. There just wasn’t enough moon or ambient light to see and do a proper grid search so I asked David if we could try again the next day. They were checking out at noon so that would be a great opportunity. I met them at valet parking and we went back out to the spot. After a Florida State quarter and a dime I got a nice gold tone. The ring was thin and played with me a little bit before it would go in my scoop. But finally it emerged and I called over to David who was my grid marker…I got a ring come look and see if its yours. Sure enough perfect fit. David said Joe this is how memories are made. He’s right. Honeymoon saved and these two still have plenty of adventure time in Hawaii. Aloha to David & Lindsay.

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  1. Marshsll says:

    Great effort making this water recovery! Good write up. Well done! – Marshall, SF Bay Area Ringfinders

  2. Dave Corigliano says:

    Joe Au-Franz: Hero of our honeymoon! After snorkeling around the waters where I lost my ring for over and hour, my wife and I thought all hope was lost! On a lark I did an internet search, found Joe and the rest is history! If you think there is ANY chance of finding your lost ring (or maybe even if you don’t!), give Joe a call he will amaze you! You can tell he loves the hunt and really wants to help you out!

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