Lost Gold Wedding Ring at Waikiki Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find started when I was called by Frank from Rochester, New York. While celebrating his 20th Anniversary Frank was enjoying the warm waters of Waikiki with his wife. After about two hours in the water Frank started heading into the beach when in about waist deep water his Gold Wedding Ring fell off in a wave. He tried looking with some goggles but the turbulent sand covered the ring out of sight. That evening he found “The Ring Finders” and sent me an email. I never got the email or responded so Frank decided to call. We decided to meet in Waikiki in about 45 minutes at the Burger King across from where he lost the ring. Frank showed me the extreme ends of the grid and in I went. It was high tide and the rollers were coming in fast & furious. It was hard to stay on target let alone scoop into solid reef. After the first grid search I went in to give Frank an update. The only target I could retrieve was an 8 ounce fishing weight. I asked Frank to join me in the water and act as a marker so I could stay on grid. While in the water Frank realized I needed to search more towards Diamond Head. On the fourth leg I got a decent tone and one scraping scoop across the reef low and behold there was Frank’s ring. I was actually shocked as several targets were unobtainable in the reef. I was relieved as it was getting late and the surf wasn’t subsiding. I looked over at Frank and said, “Got it!” He was like, “Really?” In the scoop lets start walking ashore and I’ll show you. I didn’t want to take a chance dropping the ring back on the reef. Frank was so thankful and still had a look of disbelief. Frank texted a pic to his wife and was so thankful his 20th ended on a high note. Aloha to Frank!

2 Replies to “Lost Gold Wedding Ring at Waikiki Beach…FOUND!!!”

  1. Jim Wren says:

    Great recovery and story Joe!!!

    Jim Wren
    TRF North Myrtle Beach, SC

  2. F. Twardak says:

    Joe’s a lifesaver! Turned my vacation around in 35 minutes. Give him a description and location and Joe wil find it!

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