Lost Gold Wedding Band at Hanauma Bay...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I received an email from Ben who works with the Air Force and lives in Honolulu. Ben was enjoying the Bay with his family and before entering the water at Hanauma Bay he put his gold wedding band in his wallet. After taking a dip he returned to the area his family was on the beach and noticed his toddler son had picked up his wallet. He didn’t realize until after they left that his ring was gone. He went back to the beach was unsuccessful in finding it. That evening he found the ring finders and sent me the email. After calling him we agreed to meet at the park entrance at 6AM then proceed down to the beach to hunt for the ring. Their already was another detectorist I know hunting the other side of the park thankfully. It was a rather simple hunt in the dry sand. Ben drew a grid in the sand and I went to work. Two quarters and one dime and then BOOM! Gold Tone! One scoop and there was Ben’s ring. A sigh of relief came from Ben and I knew a weight was lifted from his shoulders. Not an expensive ring but the sentimental value is always priceless. Aloha to Ben.