Lost Gold Wedding Band at Waikiki Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call this morning from Danny visiting on a vacation to Hawaii from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Danny explained that he was in the protected beach area at around 5:30 PM the previous day when he jumped from a rock and started swimming ashore when his gold wedding band came off. He immediately went ashore got his wife Brittany and a mask and snorkel and went back into the water to look for his ring. Unfortunately he didn’t find his ring but fortunately for them they didn’t tell anyone and found the ring finders on the internet shortly their after. I met Danny & Brittany at the zoo parking lot and we proceeded down to the beach where the ring was lost. I explained that this area was the most detected beach in Hawaii and our odds would be slim but I would do my best to search the area. I marked my shore grid markers and went on the hunt. The area was sterile of any targets. Danny joined me in the chest deep water and was my visual marker for each leg of the grid. Initially Danny thought he was 20 feet from the breakwater wall but as I was passing that distance the search started to feel hopeless and that another detectorist already found the ring earlier that morning. I continued on and about 30 feet from the wall and a few feet from my Danny marker I got a screaming low tone target. I looked over at Danny and said I think we might have your ring. Two scoops later their was a fat gold ring in my scoop. I pulled the ring out of my scoop and showed it to Danny. Excitedly he exclaimed, “That’s it!” Several tourists nearby started clapping and Danny shouted to Brittany on the shore, “He found it!” Smiles all around and another vacation ends on a happy note. Aloha to Danny & Brittany!

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  1. Danny Kantar says:

    Many, many thanks to Joe for helping us to find my wedding band at Waikiki!!! Joe was extremely professional and incredibly helpful. We thought that ring was lost forever, and when it was returned to us we were overjoyed! No one back home in Minnesota can believe the story. All of the best to you Joe and thanks again!

    Danny Kantar

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