Lost Gold & Diamonds Wedding Rings at Ko Olina Ulua Lagoon...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I returned to my truck from a hunt and their was a voicemail from James of Wahiawa, HI. I immediately called as the voicemail was only a few minutes old. Thankfully, James had just left Ko Olina and could turn around and meet me at Ulua Lagoon in a moment to search for his wife Larissa’s ring. James explained that while his wife was putting suntan lotion on their children she removed her ring and placed it on her lap. The fidgeting children distracted her and she didn’t realize the ring was missing until they returned home after a day at the lagoon. That was yesterday and James spent the morning looking through the sand for the ring with no luck. When he told Aloha Security the Team gave him my number so he could contact me for the hunt. As James and I went down to the area in the sand they were at I marked a grid and started the hunt. Not too many people on the beach this AM so the hunt was easy. First target was a dime. Then two minutes later the tone was great and two scoops down was Larissa’s ring. Someone must have stepped on it to get that deep overnight. Some nearby tourists applauded as I handed the ring to James. Larissa was home with the children and a migraine so hopefully the ring find will stop that headache immediately. Aloha to James & Larissa