Lost Gold & Diamonds Wedding Rings at Ko Olina Ulua Lagoon...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began on Thursday afternoon when I got a call from Janett who lives at Schoefield Barracks in Wahiawa Hawaii. She had taken her two boys to the resort lagoons to play and while she was applying their suntan lotion she took her rings off and placed them on a blanket. When play time was over she gathered up the beach gear and headed off to the showers to wash off the sand her boys had gotten all over themselves. While there she realized her rings were missing and immediately went back to their spot on the beach to try and find them. The sand swallowed them up so she informed security who gave her my number. I told her it was getting late and I would search first thing Friday morning. Janett texted me a pic of the ring and one of her boy playing on the beach so I would have a general sense of where they were. When I arrived the next morning I was able to use some distance markers in the pic to triangulate a grid. Several coins and metal junk targets later I got a loud concentrated tone and one scoop down I found one of Janett’s rings. This one wasn’t the Solitaire. I continued on but couldn’t find the other half. I noticed the tracks of the sand cleaning tractor nearby and wondered if it had consumed the ring. It appeared to fall short of the grid area but where was that other ring? I finally got through to Janett whose phone was on the charger. I explained to her the other ring wasn’t here. I talked her through the scenario again and told her it was possible the diamond prong may have snagged a thread and was still on the blanket. I told her to go through all her items and that of the boys. She did it once already but said she’d look again. I expanded my grid a bit then gave up. I called Janett to coordinate the return of the ring half that I found and when she answered the phone I could tell she had been crying. When she emptied the boy’s beach bucket the other ring went tink-tink onto the floor. She was so relieved after thinking it was gone forever. We met at Denny’s and put the ring set back together the way it belonged. Great way to end the days hunting. Aloha to Janett.