Lost Gold & Diamonds Wedding Band at Queens Beach Waikiki...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I woke up to an email request to hunt for a ring at Waikiki at 515 PM that evening when the couple returns from a Sight seeing tour around Oahu. I immediately left a voicemail to call me ASAP as it is well known Waikiki is heavily detected and it appeared the ring was lost in waist deep water in the protected area. I received a call about 30 minutes later as I was about to leave. Aneesh & Archana from India and on their honeymoon were at the beach the previous evening when Aneesh’s wedding band went missing. He wasn’t exactly sure when it came off but thankfully they didn’t travel too far along the beach when they discovered it missing. Also the ring would be in the unprotected area and that area doesn’t get detected as heavily as the others. After they gave me a few more data points I decided I would hunt their ring first thing that morning before other detectorists came around. As I was proceeding to Waikiki I got a call from Archana asking if I could meet them that morning and I told her I was almost there already. We met at the Kapahulu Beach Wall and they proceeded to help me mark the extreme ends of the search grid. I started at the westward end and entered the water. I was immediately met by surf that was crashing the shoreline from my knees to my neck in height. It was a high tide. The sand area here only goes out 20 feet before hitting solid reef so I was hoping the ring fell off in the sand near shore. I immediately found two quarters and was getting tossed about with each wave. I was about to go ashore and tell Aneesh I needed to wait until low tide as I couldn’t stay stable and hunt. On this first leg and on the way in I got a nice tone but I was getting pushed around it took at least 8 attempts with my scoop to retrieve the target. When I looked in the scoop there was a gorgeous gold ring with four diamonds just as Aneesh described. I walked up onto the beach where Archana and Aneesh were waiting and held out my scoop and asked, “Is that your ring because if it isn’t I need to wait awhile before going back in to hunt?” The look of joy came over their faces as they exclaimed, “That’s it!” It had to be divine intervention to find the ring at the extreme edge of the grid and thankfully I started on the westward end otherwise it would have been a very long day. Aloha to Aneesh & Archana.

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  1. Archana Sinha says:

    Thank you so much for finding our ring Joe! Because we didn’t realise that we had lost the ring until later that night, I emailed him around 2 am. By 6:30 am he was on his way to the beach to ensure that someone else didn’t find the ring and keep it.
    He was very professional, helping us remember where the ring could have been lost. At this point, it had been 14 hours since we lost the ring. My husband and I had lost all hope of finding the ring, we had called Joe thinking that at least we would have the satisfaction of knowing that we had tried our best to recover the ring.
    After 15 minutes of searching in neck deep water, Joe picked up something and nodded, walking towards me. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the ring in the collection container, I almost cried in relief.
    We are so lucky to have found Joe and even now when we tell people our story, no one can believe we found the ring the next day after losing it in the ocean. Mahalo to Joe and to the person who created this directory.

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