Lost Gold & Diamonds Engagement Ring at Duke's Waikiki Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call Thursday from Arnie and Debbie who live in Skokie, Illinois. They were visiting his Aunt & Uncle and taking in a day at the beach. Then while his lovely wife Debbie was wading in waist deep water off Duke’s in Waikiki her engagement ring fell off. They tried to find the ring with a snorkel and goggles and a detectorist also went in for them but the ring was not to be found. Arnie then googled “lost ring Waikiki” and that’s how he found “the ring finders”. I told Arnie I lived 10 minutes away and I’d meet them in front of the hotel. When I arrived and went down to the beach it was high tide and the rollers were coming in. It was going to be a challenge staying in grid. Arnie directed me from shore and I attempted my best to stay in line. After a penny and a pull tab I got a nice low gold tone but had a rough time in the surge getting the target in the scoop. Finally on the fifth try I looked in the scoop and bingo there was Debbie’s beautiful ring. I looked towards shore and gave them a thumbs up. I let them look into the scoop and the pure look of elation came over Debbie’s face. She really didn’t believe it would be found. Vacation saved. Aloha to Debbie & Arnie!

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  1. Annie and Debbie Coheb says:

    Mahalo to Joe for finding Debbie’s wedding ring! We’ve been married for 26 years and the loss of the ring would have been devastating. Joe saved the day, the vacation, and many years of regret over the loss. Lesson learned….take off the ring prior to going in the ocean, or take Joe to the beach with you.

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