Lost Platinum Wedding Band at Hilton Hawaiian Village...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find started with a phone call from Monte from Forest Hills, Queens, New York. After swimming for nearly an hour at Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach as Monte was coming into the beach his Platinum Wedding Band came off. A few folks with snorkels and masks tried searching the area but the ring wasn’t found. A gentleman on the beach with a land detector was consulted but he didn’t seem interested at all in the lost ring. Then Monte googled “lost ring Hawaii” and that’s how he found “The ring finders”. I met Monte under the Rainbow tower and he showed me the landmark he used to pin point the area his ring came off. He said the water was about 6-7 feet deep and I knew that to be at least 1 foot deeper then now. Our tide difference is about 2 feet in Hawaii. I donned my scuba gear and proceeded to the spot. Visibility this time of day was a horrible 3-6 feet. I could barely see my bright red-orange guide rope I use as a grid line underwater. I found a zinc cent, a quarter then a hair clip on the first 75 foot pass. I surfaced to reset my guide rope when a gentleman approached me on the surface and asked if I was looking for the guys ring that was lost earlier. I said yes and he said he found a Platinum ring in the sand on the down slope which is about 9-10 feet deep. I told him lets go ashore and call Monte to see if it was his ring. I found Monte and his lovely wife Daphne sunbathing on the beach. I told Monte I found your ring with this guy. It happened to be the Metal detectorist from earlier in the day but he didn’t know where Monte would be or how to find him. Monte described the inscription perfectly and the gentleman went to his room to get Monte’s ring. Luckily by chance he noticed me in the water hunting and we were able to put Monte back with his Wedding ring. Nice way to end the day. Aloha to Monte and Daphne and especially the honest gentleman who didn’t give us his name.