Lost Platinum & Diamonds Wedding Band at Nai'a Lagoon Ko Olina Resort...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began while I was on a break from another ring find. Greg from California’s Central Valley was on the beach relaxing with his wife when he took his ring off and placed it on a towel. When they moved location Greg forgot about his ring and he assumed it fell off the towel and into the sand. He rented a metal detector but Aloha Security stopped him and told him to call “Joe” the only authorized resort detectorist. He said he wasn’t making much progress anyway. Greg was at the Dole Plantation tour and texted me some decent location data. I started my grid search but their were a few folks in the box. I explained what I was doing and I’d have to ask them to move at some point if I didn’t find the ring elsewhere. They all were very nice about it. After not finding Greg’s ring in the area he described I thought maybe when he picked up the towel the ring got flung farther away. It was so because a few more grid lines outside the box and I got a nice platinum tone and one scoop down was Greg’s stunning ring. The folks that were in the area were shocked that I found it and all wanted to see the ring up close. I then went back to my truck and texted Greg a pic. He called immediately and asked if he could drive over and pick it up in about 30 minutes. As you can see in the pic all came together again in this new year. Aloha to Greg.


4 Replies to “Lost Platinum & Diamonds Wedding Band at Nai’a Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!”

  1. Jim Wren says:

    Great recovery Joe!!

    Jim Wren
    TRF North Myrtle Beach, SC

    1. Joe Au-Franz TRF Oahu says:

      Mahalo Jim. I read a few of your posts nice work your doing in SC. If your ever in the islands again look me up. Aloha, Joe

  2. Fawn says:

    Thank you so much for finding my husband’s ring Joe! It’s been 7 years since we last visited Hawaii & this time with 2 kids so our heads are all over the place. He was pretty upset about it & woke up extra early to rent a metal detector to do his own hunt. I didn’t think we’d ever see the ring again. You are a Godsend! Xoxoxo…

  3. We says:

    Greg is my brother in law. I am going to buy him a chain to wear his wedding ring around his neck!

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