Lost Gold Wedding Band at Kuhio Beach Waikiki...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find started when I received a Craigslist alert for a lost gold wedding band. I just started drinking my morning cup of java and reading my email when the alert came in. The post was just 10 minutes old so I knew they must be awake so I gave the number a ring. A gentleman named Steve from Washington DC told me his ring fell off while he was walking in waist deep water at Kuhio Beach. I told him I lived 10 minutes away and he gave me some coordinates on where the ring fell off but he was leaving for Maui soon and was probably not going to be able to show me exactly where. I know the beach well and I was planning to detect that morning anyway so it might as well be there. After about 30 minutes of hunting a gentlemen came down to the beach and asked if I was Joe. It was Steve and he was able to narrow down the search area. I drew a few lines in the sand as shore markers and went to work. Steve came back and said we needed to move the eastern most mark more eastward as his wife was watching from their room in the hotel across the street and thought that area was more exact. In the end she was exactly right three lines into her extension area and I got the nice low gold tone and two scoops down was Steve’s gold wedding band. This was an hour after they departed for Maui so when I got back to my truck I texted Steve a pic of the ring. He responded immediately and asked if I could Express mail it to him on Maui. Steve got his ring back around 4PM today and sent me the pic above with it back on his finger. Aloha to Steve!

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  1. Joe Au-Franz says:

    We had come to Waikiki Beach for our honeymoon after getting married in Maryland a few months ago. On our first day in the ocean my wedding band slipped off my finger and sunk down to the bottom of the beach. We looked frantically for about an hour using our snorkels, but we figured that it was lost in the sand. We spent the rest of that day pretty bummed and convinced that it was lost. The next morning my wife had the idea to post on craigslist the location of the ring and asking for help. Within 10 minutes Joe responded and stated that he would be at the location quickly. Joe was on the beach within an hour with his metal detector. Although we were flying to Maui that day, Joe promised to call us if he found anything. As soon as we landed in Maui, we received a call from Joe and were elated when he told us that he found the ring and would be able to send it priority mail to our hotel here, just in time for New Years. Thank you Joe!

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