Lost Gold & Jewels Wedding Rings at Ulua Lagoon Ko Olina...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring hunt began when I got a text from my wife. In the text it said to call Jeannie from Sausalito, California. When I called Jeannie she told me while she was snorkeling in the lagoon she was holding onto a buoy safety rope and as the current pulled on her both of her wedding rings came off and fell into 10-15 feet of water. When she got ashore and told Aloha Security they gave her my number. My truck was already loaded with scuba gear so I told her after eating my lunch I’d meet her at the resort. At the resort Jeannie showed and explained to me where the rings came off so I donned my scuba gear and proceeded to the buoy line. As I was snorkeling over a local couple were snorkeling in the area and when I approached them they said “Are you looking for something?” I responded a gold wedding ring and the young lady spotted one from the surface and dove down and retrieved it. I gave them a description and they handed over the ring to me. I still had to find the other one so I started my underwater search. Their were many coin and garbage targets and I even found a Silver Hawaiian style ring. About 30 minutes into the hunt I got a nice low gold tone and two hand scoops down was the other matching ring. This ring was under a small sand dune. When I got ashore I told Jeannie I found 3 rings and hopefully two of them were hers. When I pull them out of my catch jar a look of relief came over Jeannie’s face. Jeannie & her husband were in Hawaii for their anniversary and she felt so bad having to tell her husband she had lost both of her rings. Thankful for the honest couple and that I found the other one. Aloha to Jeannie!