Lost Gold & Diamonds Wedding Ring at Waikiki Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Ring Find began when I got a call from Nathalie of Ottawa, Canada. While sunbathing at Waikiki beach Nathalie put her wedding ring in the fold of her beach wrap that she was wearing. When she stood up the ring popped out of the fold and disappeared into the sand. She and her husband Eli tried helplessly to find the ring but they weren’t exactly sure where it landed in the sand. Fortunately, Nathalie Googled “Metal Detector Waikiki” and my Ring Finders link came up. She immediately called my home number and my wife passed her my cellphone number. I’ve been bringing my detecting gear to work for just such cases. It was almost knock off so I took a few minutes comp time and headed to Nathalie’s location in Waikiki. We met at the McDonalds across from the beach and she took me to where her husband Eli was watching the drop zone. I marked off the grid and 15 seconds later had a great tone and one scoop down there was Nathalie’s beautiful ring. She gave me a big hug and her sadness immediately disappeared. Love the quick recoveries. Aloha to Nathalie & Eli.