Lost Rental Car Key FOB at Paradise Cove Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This hunt began when I arrived home from work on Friday. I got a call from Carrie visiting from Birmingham, Alabama. While loading their beach gear the Rental Car FOB became lost. Not knowing exactly where in the sand it was lost her husband Dave used a scuba flipper to dig and fling the sand in hopes of finding the FOB. After digging a trench and totally exhausted they found The Ring Finders thinking I should be able to find the metal key ring. Unfortunately it was peek rush hour traffic and its dark by 6:30 here so I asked if I could come out the next morning as its along the way to Ko Olina where I was going for another hunt. She agreed. A short time later there was a missed call so I called back. It was Carrie and she was in a pinch as the rental car company wanted to charge an exorbitant price to come get the car. I agreed to bring my lights and see what I could do that night. Upon my arrival a Luau was in full swing on the beach and hundreds of people were standing and walking in the sand where the FOB had been lost. Dave assured me the Luau would be departing the beach in 10 minutes to feast on the Kalua Pig. Sure enough 10 minutes later I was able to start my grid. I was impressed in the amount of sand Dave had moved. The trench was nearly a foot deep and three times that wide. First a clad dime, then a gold plated piece of bling. Then the ground went sterile for a few laps. Finally as I was detecting the side of the trench Dave dug I got screaming target and there was the FOB. Dave shrugged his shoulders…not where he thought it would be. That “key” ring was very expensive and we all were happy it was found. Aloha to Dave & Carrie.