Lost Platinum& Diamonds Engagement Ring at Sherwood Beach Waimanalo...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find started when I got a phone call from a local Wedding photographer. His clients went to Sherwood Beach in Waimanalo for a photo shoot and while the bride was walking to the spot her Engagement Ring dropped somewhere along the path or at the site. Everyone immediately started searching but with such a vast area to cover it was hopeless. The photographer’s assistant named Mao agreed to meet me the next morning with the unfortunate Japanese couple who were on their Honeymoon in Hawaii. The next morning at 11AM Mao, Mika & Shuichi from Tokyo Japan met me in the parking lot of Sherwood Beach. Mika demonstrated and Mao translated to me how the ring was lost. I asked Mika to walk slowly to the photo shoot area and I’d follow behind with the Excalibur. The ground was surprisingly sterile of metal targets. The few detections I was able to eliminate with my pinpointer. It was a sandy area covered in pine needles and mini pinecones. I asked Mika if she held her dress up with the ring in it all the way to the wooded photo shoot site and she said, Yes. I asked her to show me that area as we weren’t having any luck along the path. The woods looked so similar there were actually two sites Mika thought could be it. I thought this would be the rings first chance to fall out. OK I’ll search them both. These areas had plenty of metal trash so I had to work through it. After covering both areas with no ring I told Mika I wanted to go back to the first site as she hadn’t had me go more towards the beach as in the second site. Also most people for the first time like to look at the surf from the nearest vantage point. It paid off. I got a loud but scratchy tone and stuck the pinpoiter into the sand as with each of the other 25-30 targets and up popped the stunning engagement ring. Wow! “I found it” I shouted out to Mika. As she came running over tears were already pouring from her eyes. It had been about 45 minutes but that must have seemed like an eternity to Mika. Suichi & Mao joined us and we had a group hug. Everyone had a smile and the elation and thankfulness shown to me was overwhelming. Even I got a lump in my throat. Mika is going home to Japan that afternoon with her ring. Honeymoon saved. Aloha to Mika & Shuichi and to Mao for thinking of the ringfinders.