Lost Gold and Diamonds Wedding Ring at Makaleha Beach, North Shore Oahu...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find started when I got a call from Vince a soldier stationed in Hawaii from Lancaster, PA. While relaxing on the beach reading a book he placed his wedding band on his chest. When he got up to leave he forgot about the ring and it disappeared into the sand. He didn’t realize he lost it until he was back at his car. Vince went back to look but it was getting dark so he marked the spot and went home. He was searching for a metal detector rental and thats how he found me. I don’t rent metal detectors from my business, I’d rather provide the service myself. Works out better that way. Vince had a friend with a metal detector but that didn’t pan out so he called me back for a ring finder service. I met Vince & his lovely wife Iris at McDonalds and we proceeded from there to the remote beach. Vince took me to the area he thought the ring fell off and I started a grid search. He marked the spot previously with a seashell in the property barbed wire fence. I did a thorough grid search with only a few scrap pieces of metal found. Vince looked at the area and decided it might be farther to the East but not past the next tree. I started that grid search with only a few more coin targets. Just as I was getting to that last tree I got a great tone in my headset and one scoop down out popped Vince’s ring. Finally, and at the extreme end of the grid. Not always as we remember it! Vince & Iris were very thankful and Vince asked if he was out of the doghouse? She let him out! Oddly enough I got a text a few hours later from Vince saying someone with an Excalibur arrived at the beach shortly after I left. Lucky for us. Timimng is everything in this hobby. Aloha to Vince & Iris.

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