Lost 1914 $2.50 Gold Piece Medallion at Aulani Disney Resort Ko Olina...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Gold Medallion hunt began when I had a text from my wife saying Lucas from Ohio needed Metal Detecting services. I called Lucas and he had returned to Kailua where he was staying while on vacation from Air Force duty in Alaska. While he was playing with his daughter in the lagoon during one of the tosses into the water her hand accidentally grabbed his gold medallion necklace and it broke from around his neck. Lucas was able to retrieve the necklace immediately but the medallion vanished in the sand of the lagoon. He searched to no avail and then when he got home Googled metal detecting service and thats where he found All Island Treasure Detectors. Lucas sent me a Google Map pin drop of the location. Ironically, I was still at Aulani from a previous search so I told Lucas I’d start the search now. I gathered my gear and headed to the lagoon. I drew two lines on the shoreline and started my grid search. After a nickel & a dime target there was a very loud quivering sound target. One scoop and there was the Medallion. It’s great when the client gives excellent locating data. Aloha to Lucas and Thank You for your service to the country.