Lost Gold & Diamonds Wedding Band at Aulani Disney Resort Ko Olina...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find started when I got a call from my wife stating the Ko Olina Beach Security called about a lost ring. I called and they put me in touch with Betty from San Francisco California. While she was applying suntan lotion she placed her wedding ring on her bathing suit. Then in that moment she stood up she saw the ring fall and disappear into the sand. They searched for quite some time with no success and after talking to hotel staff they suggested my services. I talked to Betty and she was going to a meeting shortly but would be available after noon. That worked perfectly for me so I told her I’d be there about oneish. I told Betty don’t keep digging as that could make it worse. I met Betty at the equipment rental shack and she walked me down to the lounge chair she was in when the ring fell. Her husband Jeff had been waiting there to keep things safe. We moved several chairs out of the way and I started my search. First target a quarter. Second target a pull tab. Third target sounded great and because Diamonds are involved I used my pin-pointer carefully in the sand. Surprisingly their digging had pushed the ring 7-8 inches down into the sand. Betty was so grateful when I handed her the ring. Jeff was as well. Betty promised me she learned her lesson not to wear rings on the beach. Well she certainly knows who to call. Let the vacation continue on a high note. Aloha to Betty & Jeff.

2 Replies to “Lost Gold & Diamonds Wedding Band at Aulani Disney Resort Ko Olina…FOUND!!!”

  1. Mark Rubey says:

    I think you may need to have your own office at that resort!

  2. Betty Joe says:

    My husband and I want to say thank you for finding my ring! I thought this ring was going to be lost forever. Thank goodness for ring finders! We appreciate it! Mahalo 🙂

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