Lost Platinum, Gold & Diamonds Wedding Ring at Bellows Air Force Station...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find started when I got a call from Nicolas who is a CAPT in the US Army. While enjoying the day at the beach his wife Ashley put her Wedding ring in the pocket of their sunshade for safe keeping. When the day was over Nicolas shook the sand off the sunshade and started back to their campsite. Ashley realized she had left the ring in the sunshade pocket so they went back to the beach to see if they could find the ring. They searched methodically in the sand but no luck finding the ring. The next day Nicolas originally wanted to rent a detector and I convinced him it would be easier if I just came down and looked for them. I loaded my gear and we decided to meet in an hour at Bellow AFS. We met outside the gate and drove to their campsite. We then grabbed the gear and headed down to the beach. Fortunately although the beach was relatively crowded the area they were in was open. I surveyed the area then started my grid search. First & second target were sandy Lincoln cents, then a bottle cap. About 5 minutes into the search I got a great tone and because of the solitaire diamond I took a gentle scoop and poured it on the ground. I grabbed my pin-pointer and made a spiral search in the sand pile. That’s when the stunning ring exposed itself. I picked it up and handed it to Ashley. She was overcome with joy and said, “Thank you so much your my hero”. An applause rang out from all the nearby beach goers. I love this hobby! Aloha to Ashley & Nicolas!

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  1. Nicolas Potter says:

    Wow! What was quickly turning into a terrible overnight at bellows AFB turned into a story I will not soon forget. Thank you so much Joe! It really happened just like Joe said. He started looking and when he found it a group of people on both sides started clapping and cheering. He drove a quarter way around Oahu just to help out a distraught couple he had never met. A true pro!!

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