Lost Gold Wedding Band at Honu Lagoon Ko Olina Resort...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find started Friday 5 August when I got a broken phone call from Steven from Anchorage, Alaska. While enjoying the evening at Honu Lagoon Steven took his Gold Wedding Band off and tucked it into a pocket of his lounge chair. At the end of the day as he was going to wash off he realized that when he picked up his chair on the beach his ring must have fallen out because it wasn’t in the pocket when he got to his car. He spent time looking in the parking lot, the shower area and all points in between. It occurred to him that the ring was probably in the sand but where? He traced his path back to where he was sitting but no luck there either. He mentioned his loss to the Aloha Security Patrol and they told him to get a hold of Joe the resort detectorist. “He finds everything” they said. The call from Steven was very static and broken. I was able to get the ring type, lagoon area and that he would be back the next day. I went back the next day but Steven never showed up so I started a search without him. I found a lot of change and a few pull tabs but no ring. I decided I’d call Steven and see what happened. Maybe the ring was found. I couldn’t reach Steven at all neither text nor call. I decided to give it another try this morning and after extending my grid search out two more lines it paid off. About 30 feet down from the shower there was Stevens Gold Wedding Band two scoops down. I did notice the sand sifter truck’s tracks so it was possible the sifter moved the ring out of the area. In any case I texted Steven that I found his ring. No response! While eating my lunch at work I tried calling him again and this time before I hung up a call was being returned to me. It was Steven. He informed me the original phone we were talking on got destroyed in the water and he just picked up his new phone with the other number being forwarded. That was a relief on my mind and his. Steven couldn’t believe I found the ring and since he works on Pearl Harbor Base as I do we met at my workplace. Photo above. With a handshake Steven gratefully thanked me and a smile from ear to ear said it all. Aloha to Steven.