Lost 3 Gold & Diamonds Wedding Rings at Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find started Thursday 18 August when I was checking my email. A ring find request came in asking me to call before 11PM. When I called Stacy from Tuscaloosa, Alabama answered and told me her daughter Anna had lost her three Gold & Diamonds Wedding rings on the beach in the sand. Anna had taken her rings off and placed them in the pocket of her back pack for safe keeping. Later that evening she pulled a shirt out of her back pack and when she went for the rings they were gone. She assumed they must have fallen out when she got the shirt. They looked for about an hour but the wind was blowing so hard they were getting pelted by the sand and it hurt. They decided to try the next morning. Stacy started google searching for a Metal Detector Rental and stumbled across the ring finders. Seeing that I was ex-Navy that’s when she sent the email. I told Stacy I would meet them as early as possible Friday morning before the wind started picking up again. We met at the McDonald’s on base and Stacy & Anna took me to the beach where the rings were lost. I had Anna demonstrate how she lost the rings and I drew a box grid in the sand. Surprisingly the area was sterile of metal but there was all kinds of plastic trash. As I was getting to the extreme edge of the grid I got an excellent tone. Because of the diamonds I used my pin-pointer and amazingly the ring was 6 inches deep already from the blowing sand. That was ring #1 but not the solitaire diamond. About 4 feet away I got another nice tone. This was the solitaire also 6 inches deep. Then slightly to the left another nice tone. That was it the 3rd and final ring. My first Trifecta and 3 for 3. Anna & Stacy were so happy & excited and actually surprised it only took 10 minutes. A few warm hugs and thank yous and I could tell a weight had been lifted off Anna’s shoulders. If ever in Alabama I’ve been invited to go relic hunting. Stacy has a White’s detector and has found a Confederate States sword buckle during one of her hunts. If I’m ever there count me in! Aloha to Anna & Stacy!