My 50th! Lost White Gold Wedding Band at McGrew Point Officer Housing...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

How fitting that my 50th ring find service is to a fellow US Navy Limited Duty Officer such as I retired in 2003. This started with a phone call from Todd who was looking to buy an inexpensive metal detector. I asked him if he lost something and just needed someone to metal detect for it. He told me his 4 year old daughter took his wife Jennifer’s White Gold Wedding Band and threw it out in the front yard from the front lanai. He didn’t get to her in time before she threw the ring he only heard a “tink” of the ring hitting the concrete sidewalk. The front lawn is Hawaiian Crab Grass and it can hide a ring with ease. To make matters worse the lawn crew was coming in two days and if we didn’t find the ring heaven only knows where a weed wacker or lawn mower could send that ring. I started my search closest to the house thinking a 4 year old couldn’t throw a ring very far. I had to deal with the side walk re-bar but other than that the grass was sterile. First target was a Lincoln cent. Working away from the house I found two more underground targets using my pin-pointer so I moved on. I was beginning to think this ring took a weird bounce and might be in the bushes close to the house. That was going to be a pain. I decided to do one more arc of the search and near an irrigation pipe I got a nice tone. I put the pin-pointer into the grass and got a signal. Even with the pin-point it was hard to see the ring in the grass. Todd and I joked it was time to get his daughter into baseball because she had quite the arm. The ring was a good 20+ feet from where she threw it. Todd said he would have never thought to look that far away. With a handshake and a Mahalo the ring wasn’t going to be launched by the lawn crew. Aloha to Todd & Jennifer!